Digital Marketing For Real Estate Professionals

The Chicago real estate market is huge and covers a wide range of properties from commercial, affordable single family homes to multi million dollar mega mansions. So as a real estate professional how do you stand out in a huge market full of established professionals and companies?

The easiest and quickest way to stand out in sea of established real estate professionals is to be positioned out front where all of your potential customers are looking. This is where digital marketing and search engine optimization services can be a total game changer for your business. Let’s face it the phone book is pretty much dead. and advertising in the local newspaper works sometimes, but doesn’t usually have a very good return on investment. The internet on the other hand is usually the first place that most people look when searching for a new home or property to purchase. In fact most people make multiple online searches before the find a property that they like and contact a local realtor.

So just imagine if every time a potential client performed a local search for real estate listings that your website shows up as their first choice in the search results. This would give your business tremendous exposure to new clients and a level of trust because Google is saying that your website is the best out of all the other Chicago real estate websites.

So how do you get your website positioned in front of the competition? Digital Marketing companies move websites from the back pages in the search engines where no one hardly looks and into the top spots of the search results through a process called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. What these companies do in simplest terms is go through your website and make sure that it has everything that companies like Google’s search algorithm look for look for. This is called On Page Optimization. Things like title tags, picture descriptions, relevant keywords within the text of your website, and many other factors that the algorithm looks for. There are in fact well over a hundred aspects of your website that are used to rank which site is shown where in the results.

Then there is Off Page Optimization which includes checking all of your citations make sure your contact details are the same across all locations on the internet. The will also makes sure that every website that is linking to your website is of good quality and is a benefit to moving your website forward.

This is SEO in it’s most basic terms, but it can be a real game changer in most real estate markets where hundreds of people are searching for new properties to buy each and every month. There are many great Digital Marketing companies in Chicago and the Midwest. Companies like Serp Doc who are the #1 Ranked Midwest SEO Agency and have proven top search rankings in several different markets including Peoria, Omaha, and Minneapolis SEO are the kind of seo agency that you want to get you to the top of the search results.

Touring Naperville Homes For Sale In A Limo

My vacation starts today so I thought I would fly out of town for a few days. SO I got on my phone and did a quick search for Naperville limo services. Why not leave town in style right? So as I was waiting for my ride to O’Hare I came across this gorgeous 12,000 sqf mansion that I just had to check out before leaving town.

Naperville Real Estate

Talk about gorgeous, you should see this beautiful luxury home in person. The picture above doesn’t do it justice. Sitting on a little over 2 acres and featuring 7 bedroom, 7 full bathrooms, and more specialty rooms for entertaining than you can shake a stick at. This is truly one amazing Naperville home.

Naperville Real Estate 1
I could just imagine my wife all dressed up coming down this elegant staircase and meeting at the bottom on the marble floor all ready for a fun night out.

Naperville Real Estate 5

Naperville Real Estate 4

This custom home is perfect for having a quiet family dinner in it’s spacious eat in kitchen or if you are planning on having a more formal gathering then check out this beautiful dining room that is large enough to comfortably seat 8 people complete with a fireplace to add a little ambiance to the room.

Naperville Real Estate 3

What would entertaining guest be without having a bottle of wine over dinner out of your own private wine cellar, and then heading down to your own personal bar and game room for a few after dinner drinks and maybe a game or two.

Naperville Real Estate 2